Instructions for filling Non-Exclusive Reconnaissance Permit (NERP) applications under section 10C of the Act
Sl No. in form Instructions
2 In case the applicant is ,- (a) an individual, proof of the nationality shall be enclosed; (b) a company, a self-attested copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company shall be enclosed; and (c) Firm or Association, proof of the nationality of all the partners of the firm or member of the association shall be enclosed.
6 and 7 An applied area map dully demarcated with geo reference co-ordinates
6 and 7 A cadastral Map of the area superimposed with the area applied for Non-Exclusive Reconnaissance permit showing name of the Tehsil, District, state and Survey of india Toposheet number and area in Square kilometers of each filed and part thereof if available.
6 and 7 In the case of forest maps the area should be marked on the geo referenced forest map showing the range and felling series if available.
8 and 9 A statement duly supported by affidavits giving particulars of the area mineral wise in the State for which the applicant of any person joint in interest with him,-

(a) already holds under a reconnaissance permit or non-exclusive reconnaissance permit ; and

(b) has already applied for reconnaissance permit or non-exclusive reconnaissance permit but not granted.
Notes :-

(1) The application for grant of Non-Exclusive Reconnaissance Permit ( NERP) should be made to respective DMG through on-line. Only an online application will be accepted.

(2) Printout of the online application may be taken and submitted with the enclosures of above mentioned documents to State Government within 15 days of submission as nard copy of the application.